Company Leadership

At Post Oak Traffic Systems, we have over 20 years of experience in the development, operations, and maintenance of probe-based travel time monitoring systems and over 60 years collectively among company leaders. We feel that the experience by our company leaders gives us unparalleled insight into how probe-based systems and the traffic information derived from them work as well as what their operational and technical capabilities and limitations are.

Darryl Puckett

Darryl Puckett has over 28 years experience in several areas of traffic, transportation and technology analysis and evaluation. He has served as principal investigator on projects evaluating transit operations, railroad monitoring, video deployments utilizing wireless technologies, and high occupancy vehicle lanes. He has assisted in the deployment and analysis of instrumentation to assist in Hurricane Evacuation programs.

He worked for the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) for 11 years and was involved in the development and implementation of the region’s Transitways/HOV lanes. He was one of the founding directors of ITS Texas and managed the development and implementation of numerous ITS and advanced technology projects and programs while with METRO. Most recently, at the Texas Transportation Institute, Mr. Puckett has been involved with the development of the Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring System.

Michael Vickich

Mr. Vickich has over 15 years experience in the implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies and architectures.

While at the Texas Transportation Institute, Mr. Vickich's work has involved him in the design and implementation of Traffic Management System (TMC) software responsible for running large scale Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) and Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS). Currently, Mr. Vickich works with personnel at an array of TMCs to manage the development and operations of many ITS data interfaces including the Houston TranStar Traveler Information web site which has been formally recognized by the Federal Highway Administration and other entities for being one of the best such web sites in the nation. Most recently, Mr. Vickich has been involved in the development of the Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring Software.

Darrell Borchardt, P.E.

Mr. Borchardt has been with TTI for 28 years and serves as Senior Research Engineer in the Houston Research and Implementation Office. Mr. Borchardt specializes in the operational analysis of transportation system data and is an accomplished researcher in the fields of traffic operations and ITS.

Throughout his career, Mr. Borchardt has served as staff engineer on projects evaluating freeway operations, ramp metering systems, arterial street systems, and high occupancy vehicle lanes and has supervised staff members in several areas of traffic engineering, project development, geographical information systems, automatic vehicle identification/location systems, and information processing/management/dissemination. He has completed several reports and analyses on construction related road user costs; this experience was developed into a training course for Texas Department of Transportation staff throughout the state. Mr. Borchardt also provides expertise in terms of hurricane evacuation planning and documented traffic operations and motorist behavior resulting from the evacuation of the Houston region in September 2005.

Tony Voigt, P.E.

Mr. Voigt has over 15 years of traffic and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) experience in both the public and private sectors and holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University. Throughout his career, he has managed a wide array of traffic operations related projects which include hurricane evacuation planning, corridor analysis, traffic modeling, roadway operations and safety research, signal design, interconnect design, signing design, priority corridor development, priority corridor project mapping to the ITS Architecture, Changeable Lane Assignment System (CLAS) evaluation on US 290 in the Houston Priority Corridor, and responsible charge of a team of engineers. Mr. Voigt was also involved in developing methodologies to determine the estimated benefits of the incident management activities of Houston TranStar using automatic vehicle identification (AVI) data, travel delay calculations, and historical accident data.

Mr. Voigt is a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Texas Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, and Chi Epsilon National Civil Engineering Honor Society. Mr. Voigt is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. Mr. Voigt has attended numerous ITS trainings and seminars, including the FHWA ITS Architecture Training Course.